Dear Mrs. Kelly,

Although 6th grade is coming to an end, one of the highlights of my year is having a edublog. Edublogs not only helped my learning overall, but everyday I would learn something new about the blogs. One day, I learned how to insert a photo, and the next day I learned how to embed a video. I would also start to focus more on punctuation, and I would always re-read my posts, trying to make them flawless. Also, the Student Blogging Challenge taught me different ways to write, and challenged me to write a different post every single week.

The widgets are the most distracting part about the blogs. If you choose to introduce the blogs to all of the grades at Calvary, you should make a limit to how many widgets people should have. I recommend that you make a limit to how many widgets a person should have on one blog. I suggest that you say either three or four.

If you choose introduce blogging to the younger grades, such as the TK, kindergarten, first grade, and second grade, they should write comments on your classroom blog so they can get used to them. For third grade and up, you should give them each their own blog. You should enter your blog into the Student Blogging Challenge and have the individual blogs entered into the blogging challenge also.



For the Week 10, Student Blogging Challenge, they recommend that you interview one of your teachers about your blog. I decided to interview my teacher, Mrs. Howell.

I asked her four different questions, and if you look below, you can see the question along with her answers.

Question: What were your first impressions of this blog?

Answer: My first impression was that it is nice, clean, and organized, and that your theme describes your personality.

Question: What captured your attention?

Answer: Like I said before, it is nice and clean.

Question: What distracted you on the blog?

Answer: Nothing really distracted me, you don’t have anything on here that doesn’t belong.

Question: What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

Answer: You should make everything a little bit different, like each post should have its own thing. Also, try to add more photos.

A Game

For the Week 9, Student Blogging Challenge, they have you play a game. It tells us to visit at least 3 other blogs. The three blogs that I visited were Circle Day Break’s BlogMcNugget’s Blog Palace, and Demi’s Blog. They all were amazing, all filled with inspiration. The game worked out really well because I had a chance to look at a ton of cool blogs, and the game motivated me to write in greater detail. I also got a chance to look at tons of different styles of writing. This game has influenced me to look at things differently, and has motivated me to write more.

A Vote for More Homework

For the Week 8, Student Blogging Challenge I decided to do a debate against Cate. We were both assigned to do a debate on homework. Where would students be without homework?

Homework is an important way to solidify learning. It is also a way to preview your next step of learning. Homework is a way to go above and beyond, or to fully understand the information. Some people may be against homework, saying that it is “a waste of time” or that it “gets in the way of fun”, but homework keeps you focused and enlarges your understanding of the world, and when you are good at things, it is more enjoyable, I mean, you like to play things when you are good at them, and when you understand the information or get good at it, homework is more enjoyable and easier, and it doesn’t make you worse in school or in life.


Please leave a comment below, telling me how you feel about homework.

Let’s Get Creative!

For the Week 7, Student Blogging Challenge, they recommend that you draw your own cartoon character. I drew a character named Johnny. Johnny lives in the suburbs, and lives to fight crime. The photo below is a picture of Johnny.

Johnny is always angry, and wears his tuxedo everywhere. He has a large head, and big eyes.

Please leave a comment below about my cartoon, such as ways to improve it, or your opinion on it.

Choose Your Perfect Job

Choose your perfect job and let me know which one you like best by leaving a comment below! This is a post for Week 6 of the Student Blogging Challenge!

A – Analyst

B – Basketball Player

C – Cop

D – Dog Walker

E – Entrepreneur

F – Fisher

G – Gardener

H – House Keeper

I – Investor

J – Joker

K – Kicker

L – Lab Keeper

M – Magician

N – News Reporter

O – Operations Research Analyst

P – Politician

Q  – Questioner

R – Race car driver

S – Stylist

T – Teacher

U -Unemployed

V -Vet

W – Whale Watcher

X – X-ray taker

Y – Yachtsman

Z – Zookeeper


Operations Research Analyst

When I grow up I want to be an operations research analyst. They help out with organizations, to help them find the most effective, cost saving solutions to their problems and observations.

For the Week 6 Student Blogging Challenge, they suggest to write a post about your dream job.

Being an operations research analyst take many qualities to become one of the finest. I enjoy strategies, and they think through the entire plan. Also, I am superior in time management, since I always get anything important out of the way before I start to have amusement. In addition, I am significant in forecasting because it involves estimates and predicting. An operations research analyst involves many different qualities that are difficult to obtain, but overall, I have an aptitude for most of them.

A Santa Anita Spring Break

“And they’re off!” You can feel the ground tremble, see the grass flying into the air as the horses speed by.The people chanting horses’ names as they are about to finish, the excitement, keeping the people on the edge of their seats. They finish,yet the excitement is still there, everyone waiting for the final results, they come up onto the screen, the happiness of the crowd as they sprint to cash their tickets in. Santa Anita, the great race place.

For the Week 5 Student Blogging Challenge, they ask you to write a post on your Spring Break. The highlight of my break was the Santa Anita Race Track. Where our family had the best spring break ever!