Choose Your Perfect Job

Choose your perfect job and let me know which one you like best by leaving a comment below! This is a post for Week 6 of the Student Blogging Challenge!

A – Analyst

B – Basketball Player

C – Cop

D – Dog Walker

E – Entrepreneur

F – Fisher

G – Gardener

H – House Keeper

I – Investor

J – Joker

K – Kicker

L – Lab Keeper

M – Magician

N – News Reporter

O – Operations Research Analyst

P – Politician

Q  – Questioner

R – Race car driver

S – Stylist

T – Teacher

U -Unemployed

V -Vet

W – Whale Watcher

X – X-ray taker

Y – Yachtsman

Z – Zookeeper


11 thoughts on “Choose Your Perfect Job

  1. Hello Malia,
    Your blog was recommended from the Student Blogging Challenge so I visited to have a look. I enjoyed reading your thoughtful posts. I am impressed with how you have used tools like Prezi to enhance your posts. I have added your blog to my blogroll under ‘Student Blogs’. I hope that’s ok with you.
    Happy blogging,
    Ms Norton

    • Hello Ms. Norton! That is so sweet of you to add me to your blogroll! Your blog is also filled with thoughtful, outstanding, and amazing posts! Happy blogging to you too!

  2. Basketball player or teacher… maybe a PE teacher or a coach so i have an exeption of being both.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog! Spread the word of my blog! I’d love to hear from more bloggers out there.

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